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Our successful story began in 1999. At that time, cooperation began between Cherkasy Bus JSC (it was a part of Bogdan Corporation at that time) and world-class Japanese companies — the leader in the production of diesel engines and commercial vehicles ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED and its partner, NISSHO IWAI Corporation (now SOJITZ Corporation).

Our Japanese partners made a pilot supply of ISUZU NQR71 trucks. However, the market did not take this certainly outstanding on the world market truck properly at first. The decision was taken to do a small bus design development on the efforts of Ukrainian specialists and to use ISUZU truck units for it. 

Many people remember how suddenly, as much as unusual and unexpectedly high-quality new Bogdan buses based on ISUZU components literally broke into the Ukrainian market. At that time, large buses like Icarus have long been obsolete, new trolleybuses and trams didn’t arrive either, therefore, passengers had minibuse

s at their service — small, cramped and not very safe minibusses of the secondary market, or new ones, such as the Gazelle.

Whereas, in 2000-2001 little more than a hundred new busses based on ISUZU were sold, then in 2002 almost half a thousand, and in 2003 – 1188. The same year, our company began to sell ISUZU trucks themselves (at the beginning it was the same NQR71, then NQR70 and NQR75 were added. Now the NPR75 and NQR90 are analogs of those flagships ISUZU models in our market, and now this is only a small part from the list of trucks that are constantly expanding). 

Over the years, consumers of almost all the countries that once made up the USSR and not only got to know about them but also became fond of them.

Since that time, comfortable, maneuverable and high-quality small-class buses based on ISUZU components are consistently leaders in passenger transportation in Ukraine. Now we call it ATAMAN. In 2011 the Cherkasy Bus JSC withdraw the Bogdan Corporation from and the brand was rebranded soon. In total, more than 20 thousand buses and about 2,200 trucks were produced and sold.  

The success of the automotive manufacturer couldn’t be possible without proper distribution activities.  Distributors of our group of companies are participating and take responsibilities for a wide range of duties — from sundry delivery including components (mostly Japanese ISUZU components), supply chain, production, and marketing budget, till after-sale support of the customers of ISUZU-ATAMAN. The uninterrupted supply of spare parts, training, and technical support for users is also their area of responsibility.

Today, KOMTRANSKOMPLECT LLC is an authorized distributor of ISUZU trucks, ISUZU D-Max pickups and authentic spare parts for all trucks, buses, and pickups.  ISUZU-ATAMAN UKRAINE PrJSC is an authorized distributor of ATAMAN buses based on ISUZU power components and ISUZU trucks. 

ISUZU-ATAMAN UKRAINE PrJSC is a successor of the Japanese-Ukraine joint-stock venture called ‘Isuzu Automobile Company, Ukraine’, which was founded in 2006 riding on the wave of triumph entry of the ISUZU based product to the Ukrainian and neighboring markets. At that time the share of both sides, the Japanese and Ukrainian were equal.   

In 2018 in order to optimize the business process, Japanese shareholders decided to sell their share to the Ukrainian member of the joint-venture.  Thus, the company has got its modern new name — ISUZU-ATAMAN UKRAINE.

Over the past 20 years, the united system of a manufacturing plant, distributor and authorized dealers and service stations has been created. The aim of the system is to identify, study and completely fulfill the needs of the clients of the commercial market providing quality modern and systematic ISUZU-ATAMAN branded service.

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Company stories

Getting started with ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED and SOJITZ Corp. The bus based on ISUZU NQR71 was named A091
1999 year
The first 1000th bus on the basis of ISUZU got off the pipeline "Cherkassy bus" Start of production and sale of ISUZU trucks (NQR71) Start of production of the next bus model - A092, as well as mid-range buses based on ISUZU LT133 / 132 - A144 (city) and A145 (commuter)
2003 year
Start of export bus sales The first buses appeared in Russia and Belarus
2004 year
The first buses appeared in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.
2005 year
Establishment of the joint Japanese-Ukrainian enterprise Automotive Company Isuzu, Ukraine The first buses appeared in Azerbaijan
2006 year
Implementation of the Japanese Kaizen Quality System at the Cherkasy Bus Plant
2007 year
Beginning of sales of ISUZU new generation 700R trucks - NLR85
2008 year
The beginning of sales of other models of ISUZU trucks of the new generation 700Р - NMR85, NPR75 Start of serial production of an extended bus model - A093
2010 year
Rebranding: buses from the "Cherkasy bus" on the aggregate base of ISUZU are now called - ATAMAN Establishment of Komtranskomplekt LLC
2011 year
Start of serial production of buses powered by ISUZU natural gas (CNG)
2014 year
Start of sales of ISUZU NQR90 truck and F-series truck - ISUZU FVR34
2015 year
50 years to the "Cherkasy bus" and 100 years to ISUZU MOTORS Ltd. Start of mass production of new restyled models of buses A092N6 (city) and A09216 (suburban)
2016 year
Isuzu Automobile Company, Ukraine became ISUZU-ATAMAN Ukraine
2018 year
Started the provision of financial leasing services by ISUZU-ATAMAN Ukraine New four-wheel drive models - NPS75 truck and D093S201 school bus
2019 year
Start of sales of ISUZU D-MAX pickups
2020 year

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The company today

The official distributor of ISUZU trucks in Ukraine and ATAMAN buses
For more than 22 years, the ISUZU team in Ukraine has been working hard to provide not only a quality product, but also promptly and promptly respond to customer requests in the areas of service, interaction and cooperation.

Our main asset is people - executive staff, trusted partners and suppliers. All those who, by their attitude to the business, daily help the company to go the intended course, to make far-reaching plans and to occupy leading positions in the industry. Today we have achieved excellent results, but we do not plan to dwell on this. We will continue to work and develop.


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