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Worrying about the quality of ISUZU

You may trust us, as we are the official distributor of Japanese vehicles and power and spare components in Ukraine. We are having a long-lasting partnership with the Japanese automotive giant ISUZU for more than 20 years.

Japanese original quality and iconic durability of all car units & vehicles is what we have always offered.


Grow with us as we pursue a philosophy of continuous improvement – technical, economic and social. You will multiply your authority by two because all clients in Ukraine and abroad acknowledge ours.

ISUZU based ATAMAN buses constantly hold the top spot in the segment of the industry among Ukrainian manufacturers as per annual results.

  • What distinguishes us from our competitors is that you save time and money with our advanced dealer network infrastructure and authorized service stations.
    The service stations network provides certified diagnostic and quality and affordable technical services for ISUZU-ATAMAN vehicles all over Ukraine.
  • You will be protected with us receiving careful after-sales ongoing support 24/7.
    The warranty covers starting from 2 years or 100 000 km, whichever comes first. Acknowledge our concern in an authorized service station network banded with mobile technical assistance throughout Ukraine.
  • You can always count on our support. To the effect, we have developed flexible financial instruments that may be useful to you.
    Since 2019, the company has been licensed and provides financial leasing services.
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Are you looking for a reliable vehicle, a partnership with a brand that will add value to your business?

We've gone ahead and did the job for you. There is a carefully prepared model range of ISUZU trucks & pick-ups for cargo transportation and ATAMAN buses, built on the Japanese aggregate base for passengers – this is the best choice for logistic and transportation companies, and here is why.

The ISUZU-ATAMAN model range presents models and modifications of transport with a wide choice of loading capacity, characteristics, and additional options. There are cargo trucks starting from the one-tonnage pickup ISUZU D-Max, furthermore with a carrying capacity of 3.2 tons, 4.6 tons, 6.3 tons, as well as all-wheel drive truck and the choice of heavy-duty trucks. The products line-up continues with a multifunctional model range of ATAMAN buses - for the city, intercity, the model of this one is extended with a modification with off-road properties, for schools - the model with the modifications specially designed for wheelchair transportation, the one for the off-road, and for touristic purposes.

Do you need help choosing a truck for a particular superstructure? Do you have a task to get a specialized duty vehicle or bus with the best technical characteristics? Get qualified advice for making your choice and calculate the cost of additional options for your project. The ISUZU-ATAMAN dealer network will help you with these tasks.

The choice of superstructures such as flatbeds and the flatbeds with the tarpaulin, vans for general goods, isothermals, refrigerators, and specialized service trucks, towers, tanks, refuse trucks are constantly supplemented with variations of individual orders and a verity of options. Our specialists will help you to select a vehicle, in cooperation with you will prepare a technical task, and will proceed production according to your order.

The technical support & maintenance in an authorized network of service stations in collaboration with the support of the ISUZU-ATAMAN technical emergency team throughout Ukraine and a permanent stock of original spare parts add value to the products of our brands for your business.

Our products are available through flexible financial leasing offers for corporate and private clients. They meet world quality standards, manufactured in accordance with modern European requirements, applying ISUZU technologies, and have been certified in Ukraine.

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