Model А09620
Appointment Tourist
Length / Width / Height, mm 8810 / 2440 / 3300
Wheelbase, mm 4500
Front / rear wheel track, mm 1900 / 1650
Number of seats 35
Front / rear doors Pneumatic remote
Total weight of the bus, kg 10245
Engine, capacity, cm³ ISUZU 4HK1, 5193
Ecological class EURO-6
Power, hp 240
Torque, Nm at rpm 765 at 1600
Fuel tank capacity, l 140
Control fuel consumption while driving at a constant speed of 60 km / h, l / 100 km, from 20,5
Max speed, km / h (including limiter) 90
Transmission ISUZU, robotic, 6-speed
Drive 4x2
Front suspension Dependent, leaf spring
Rear suspension Dependent, air spring
Steering Integral type, with hydraulic booster
Steering wheel adjustment On the slope and height
Brake system (working) Double-circuit, pneumatic
Brake system (auxiliary) Parking brake system
Ventilation system Supply and exhaust through the hatch in the roof
Interior air conditioning system With individual blowing of passenger seats, side windows, central aisle, windshield and driver's seat.
Heating system Liquid, combined from a stand-alone heater
Seat Soft, with armrests and seat belts and adjustable
Luggage compartment, m³ 3,8
Color Standard version of the bus in beige or white. Painting by individual order is possible.
OBD (On-Board Diagnostics System) +
GPS navigator +
Audio system with microphone +
Wi-Fi +
Features are for informational purpose


Are you searching for a reliable vehicle, the partnership with a brand of which supposes to add value to your business? We have prepared the model range of commercial vehicles from world-wide known in cargo transportation brand ISUZU and well known for Ukrainians and others in passenger transportation, Ukrainian brand ATAMAN with product based on Japanese components for you. Making update the wide choice of ISUZU trucks with carrying capacity starting from 3.2 ton and above and the small and middle-class ATAMAN buses like the city, intercity (I and II comfort class), school buses line and tourist we have added 4WD ISUZU D-Max pickup.
 We built up the authorized dealership and service station network to provide assistance and services choosing the right vehicle or bus, helping with technical design specification for its superstructure and production to fulfill all needs in cargo and passenger transportation.  Our expertise in superstructures consists of the rear body, rear body with vehicle curtain; box, refrigerated box, insulated and customized trucks; hi-up truck, tanks, refuse collector, and this list is constantly expanding with customized modifications. Service and support of our authorized service network and the permanently maintained stock of original parts of ISUZU and ATAMAN brands will give you care all over the country will provide added value to your business. 
 Now you have more affordable options to obtain our products due to new finance leasing offers for corporate and individual clients. The product we are offering meets the world requirements for quality has manufactured according to European standards applying ISUZU technologies. And at last but not least, our all product has passed national certification in Ukraine.
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